Raksha Thakrar

Registered Physiotherapist

Raksha believes in the ‘mantra’ of continuous self-improvement and overall development. After completing her bachelors and masters in physiotherapy she has worked extensively in both hospital and clinical settings. She is a highly motivated professional with 6+ years of overall experience. Her peers describe her as someone to be diligent, amiable, cheerful and passionate towards her work. She has gained extensive background in rehabilitation & research based patient oriented care. Raksha believes that patient education and patient tailored treatment protocols are key components to achieve effective treatment. She recognizes the importance of good and effective two-way communication and continually strives to enhance her ability to work under pressure with the utmost calm. She has completed certification in Acupuncture and has excellent knowledge of K-tapping. Raksha loves cooking, gardening, to travel and explore natural scenery especially mountains, valleys and beaches.

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